Denouncing Anti-Asian Violence

from the Steering Committee of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of DRUUMM, March 2021

We denounce the current surge in anti-Asian violence and stand in solidarity with all Asian Americans and immigrants of Asian origin who have been affected. Additionally, we know that many of our APIC members and Asian and Pacific Islander Americans across the country have likely experienced some kind of anti-Asian racism in their lifetimes, from outright attacks to insidious ongoing microaggressions. Recent incidents of violence are merely reminders of the pain we have felt before. None of this is acceptable. 

We believe that at the heart of this violence lies systemic racism and other forms of injustice that builds power by domination. We link this current anti-Asian violence with all racialized violence in the U.S. To us they have the same source — white supremacy culture. Ending anti-Asian violence is tied to ending all racialized violence, dismantling white supremacy culture, and choosing solidarity not division among our communities. Most importantly, we believe we can work to increase safety through expanded community leadership, without relying on more policing or punishment through incarceration. 

We know that you have likely already read other statements denouncing this violence so we ask you to consider your own ways to take action: 

As Grace Lee Boggs said, “change takes place in living systems, not from above but from within, from many local actions occurring simultaneously.” We each have a role to play and our active care makes a difference. May we live from the truth of the inherent worth of all people and our interconnectedness with each other. May we work towards our collective liberation. May we all be safe.

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